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Italo in California. Caroline's got some new boards. Heavy beatdowns at Pipe and Mavericks. The Qualifying Series has been rolling at Avoca. It's been quite the week in waves around the world. Here's the latest and greatest from our favorite surfers:

California Dreaming With Italo

From sessions with his boy Jadson in Huntington, to skimming with Brad Domke in Laguna Beach, to picking up a pack of fresh sleds from Timmy Patterson in San Clemente (where there's also a rack of boards waiting for Jordy Smith), still reigning World Champ Italo has been having a good time in Orange County before he ships off to quarantine in Australia. He also dropped a new edit and announced a new deal with Red Bull this week. Then there's the new hair. There's no other way to say it, Italo's on fire right now.

Caroline's New Arsenal

You know the Tour's about to start back up again when epic quiver shots start filling the Instagram feed. Caroline Marks will be well armed down in Australia thanks to Matt Biolos at ...Lost Surfboards. And the splash of color was added by Matt's 14-year-old super talented daughter, Ryder, who's been painting boards for awhile and does amazing work.

Leo's Redemption Run At Pipeline

Leonardo Fioravanti broke his back at Pipeline in 2015, but until now he'd never discussed the incident publicly in much detail. In his latest Vlog, the Italian CT surfer -- who earned his place on Tour with a Pipeline surf-off against Mikey Wright last year -- shows that he's gotten past the mental block and learned a lot in the process. Leo spent an extended time on the North Shore this past Winter, and it's a safe bet that the next time the Tour rolls through, he'll be a serious threat.

Ian Walsh Talks Mavericks

Ian Walsh made a couple back-to-back strike missions to Mavericks this winter. After thawing out from the frigid water in Half Moon Bay, he pieced together this edit to show what it's really like to get hammered by a set at Mavs.

"When the lip hit me, it felt like a building was falling on me, and I knew right away that I was probably in for the most violent beating of my life so far," Walshy recounts.

Makaha Beach On A '96 Round Nose Fish

This week Mason Ho and his old pal Sheldon Paishon headed over to the Westside for a session at Makaha Beach with Chad Kealauna, John Quizon and crew. Breaking out the ...Lost 1996 Round Nose Fish for the occassion, of course a good time was had by all. That's what Mase does best. Enjoy and aloha.

It's On In Avoca, New South Wales

Finally, just a reminder that the Finals are coming up this weekend for the men's Vissla Central Coast Pro and women's Sisstrevolution Central Coast Pro . Still in the draw are Julian Wilson, Reef Heazlewood, Sally Fitzgibbons and Isabella Nichols. Tune in live on WorldSurfLeague.com or the WSL's YouTube channel.

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