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In some way or another, every surfer has experienced overwhelming gratitude in the water. The feelings of bliss and connectedness to the ocean is something we don't even have to explain. It's just there. It's why we love surfing.

While paddling out for a free surf ahead of the Boost Mobile Margaret River Pro presented by Corona, Griffin Colapinto had one of those a-ha moments. Griff was originally planning to get reps in over at Main Break, where the event will primarily take place, when Seth Moniz asked him, "Why do you surf, Griff?"

It only took a few words to remind Griff that he surfs for something much deeper than just training for a contest. He surfs to enjoy the best waves in the world with the people he loves. A simple, yet profound reason that we can all relate to.

"Then I remembered that these kinds of waves are the reason I love surfing. We then sent it to The Box and had the perfect start to the West Oz Leg," Griff shared.

Griff shared this session with his brother, Crosby, and one of his best friends, Seth. The San Clemente original isn't just all dimpled smiles and stoke right now, though. He means business. And he's heating up to claim the biggest result of his career.

Griff started his 2021 campaign with a 17th-place at Pipe after putting in work on the North Shore. He then went on to earn a 9th in Newcastle before vaulting into the Semis for 3rd in Narrabeen. The 22-year-old has yet to make it to the Finals this season, but if anyone has a chance at claiming a maiden victory at a raw and rugged righthander, it's Griff.

Not boasting a whole lot of career experience at Margs, in 2019, he had to settle for a 17th-place after being upended by his buddy Kolohe Andino. Other than that, there's not a lot to go off of. But if we look at the kind of surfing he was doing at Haleiwa and Backdoor this winter, it's a pretty good indicator of what he's capable of on both the open face and in barreling conditions.

When the action gets underway at Margs, Griff will be taking on Leonardo Fioravanti and Jack Freestone in the Seeding Round.

Interestingly, Griff current sits 8th on the WSL Leaderboard but there is less than 2,000 poinst separating him from 4th-place Conner Coffin. The Rip Curl WSL Finals is set to take place in his backyard at Trestles this September, and it would be insane to see one of the best surfers to come out of San Clemente in recent memory make the Final 5.

Watch the world's best surfers go head-to-head on May 1st at the Boost Mobile Margaret River Pro presented by Corona.

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