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The Quiksilver and ROXY Pro France has resumed and double banks will be put in place to capitalize on the conditions at Les Culs Nus. This means that two heats will occur simultaneously, with eight surfers total in the water. Odd numbered heats will be competing on the south bank and even numbered heats will be competing on the north bank. Here are the details:

Senior Manager Of Tours & Comps Travis Logie Explains Double Bank Format
To capitalize on the conditions, double banks will be used on the north and south end of the event site at Les Culs Nus.

South Podium:

  • Men's RD16 Odd Heat Numbers
  • Women's Quarters Odd Heat Numbers

North Podium

  • Men's RD16 Even Heat Numbers
  • Women's Quarters Even Heat Numbers

Extra info:

  • Heat Time: 30 mins / No Re-Start
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