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We're stoked to announce the return of the one-of-a-kind specialty event held at night at the Chambre d'Amour beachbreaks in Anglet each summer. The Caraïbos Surf de Nuit Anglet pres. by Rip Curl has a long history and the 27th edition promises another action-packed night of sun and surfing in Anglet.

The format is simple: 6 teams, 2 surfers per team, 1 man and 1 woman. Two qualifying heats, an all-women and an all-men heat. Each surfer's highest single scoring ride is counted towards the team's total and the best 3 teams advance into the Final. Same in the Final but it's one big mixed heat with all six surfers, each surfer's biggest number counts, and we have our winners! Each team will compete for prize money to be donated to a non profit of their choice.

Highlights: Team DaKine (Delahaye & Zebrowski) Claims Caraïbos Surf de Nuit Anglet Wins!
An epic night of surfing with massive crowds culminates with Team DaKine claiming the 2022 Caraïbos Surf de Nuit Anglet pres. by Rip Curl!

Now for the fun part, all of this goes down at night. Huge light balloons are placed in the lineup and all the boards are laminated with LEDs, making it truly an epic show. A DJ pumping tracks and loads of fun stuff complete the night, which will be webcast LIVE for everyone to witness across the globe.

The event is set to unfold on August 26, 2023 with a window to report it to the 27th in case the weather or waves force us to.

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