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The Krui Pro continued today with searing action and multiple scores in the excellent range, a testament to the quality 3-4 foot waves on offer at Ujung Bocur. The waves continued pumping for the Women's Round of 64 in the afternoon, and even the pouring rain couldn't dampen the enthusiasm of the competitors and spectators alike.

Headlining the high scoring Men's Round of 64 was Narrabeen's Dylan Moffat, who earned not only one but two excellent scores for the highest total heat score of 17.23. The judges rewarded his ability to ferret out the best waves in the heat and getting his board in the most critical parts of the wave for multiple backhand maneuvers. This is not Moffat's first Indonesian experience, and he was happy to be back in Krui. "It's really nice surfing in a contest when the waves are good like this, and when you get a couple of scores like that it always feels pretty good," said Moffat. "I feel like kind of a veteran out there, I think this is my fourth time competing here, so I really feel at home, and the waves have been so fun!"

More excellent scores came in courtesy of Kyuss King, Morgan Cibilic, Joh Azuchi, and last year's Krui Pro runner-up Billy Stairmand.

"It was actually a bit tricky to choose the waves out there," said Stairmand. "I like the little smaller runners, and I think my backhand is pretty solid, coming from Raglan and all, so I managed to get a couple of good scores. There were plenty of opportunities out there, and you only need two waves to make the heat, and I managed to get two good ones."

I Nyoman Artana I Nyoman Artana - WSL / Federico Vanno

Indonesia's I Nyoman Artana and Varun Tandjung are keeping their hopes alive after advancing to the Round of 32 along with Japan's Daiki Tanaka, Takuto Ohta and Rinta Oooto against a big Australian field including Jordy Lawler, Alister Reginato, Oscar Berry, Tully Wylie, Lennix Smith, and Jarvis Earle.

A rain squall hindered the scoring opportunities somewhat in the first couple of heats of the Women's Round of 64, but as the round progressed the wave quality and consistency increased, allowing the women to start posting bigger scores.

Isabella Campbell took full advantage of a good sized set wave to smash it to bits on multiple sections on her backhand to earn an excellent 8.50.

Isabella Campbell Isabella Campbell - WSL / Tim Hain

"The start of the heat was a bit slow, so it was a bit stressful when I was sitting there without a wave," said Campbell. "I got one for a decent score, then thought I saw another one coming so I tried to position myself to get it. I got lucky and it was a really good one. I was a bit hesitant about my board choice to start with, but I'm happy with what I chose and it worked well for me, so all good!"

Nyxie Ryan Nyxie Ryan - WSL / Tim Hain

Nyxie Ryan also took some time to figure out the lineup, but still managed to get a win and advance to the Round of 32. "It was a tricky heat really, at the start one came through and I was lucky enough to get it and get a good score, then it went kind of quiet until the end of the heat," reflected Ryan. "With a few minutes to go I finally got another wave and won the heat. It was stressfull, but the waves were really good when they came in. I came to Krui last year but didn't do so well, but I'm off to a good start this time so I hope to do a lot better."

With 11 heats in the Women's Round of 64 completed, a long day of competition wrapped and organisers will reconvene tomorrow for a possible start at 06:45 local time.

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