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Ichinomiya, Chosei, Chiba (Saturday, August 2nd, 2014)

2014 ASP JAPAN TOUR EVENT 4"GoPro JUNIOR GAMES" will be held today AUG.2 (SAT) and tomorrow AUG. 3 (SUN) at Tsurigasaki Beach (AKA Shida Shita Point), Ichinomiya, Chosei, Chiba.

Today the event is on schedule for the opening rounds.

The conditions at Tsurigasaki Beach this morning were 3 ft. plus with clear summer weather.

In fine contestable surf on offer this morning, ASP Japan Tour Manager Tosh Omi called the surfers this morning at the first call to get in action for the opening rounds.

ASP Japan Tour official wave forecaster is "Namidensetsu"http://www.namidensetsu.com/

Kazuyuki Ogawa of Namidensetsu forecasts for day 1 is as following;

"The large class Typhoon NAKRI has passed through the western seas of Okinawa from July 31st to August 1st is expected to cruise north besides the western seas of Kyushu, while Typhoon HALONG situated way south of Japan is expected to grow large rapidly and cruise north-west and cross the 20 degrees north latitude line by August 3rd to 4th. Chiba area will retain covered by the large highs while a new Pressure trough is expected to cruise towards Chiba but not expected to cause large effect to weather though late afternoons and night hours may have effect to caution of thunder and rainfalls. The south-east to south swell from the highs in the Tokai seas and the effect of swell from the Typhoon Nakri may come to effect with south to south-west swells that may arrive July 31st to August 1st and peak August 2nd. The south to south west winds are expected to fan the surfaces to create cleaner surfaces with waves in the chest high range to create quality conditions."

Mid summer vacation season and red hot summer weather along with the typhoons in sight create the top surfing season here in Japan.

2014 ASP Japan Junior events will be consisted of this coming event and the 2nd and next junior event at Minami Boso City also in Chiba Prefecture in September.

The annual WJC will be held in November, and these 2 coming events will determine the qualifiers for the WJC along with the qualifiers from the top ranked 20 years and under surfers in the top QS ranking who belong to the Japan Branch.

The coming event will be the key point to qualify for the WJC. As the world standards changes, in 2015 the juniors age will be consisted of 19 years and under and in 2016 it will be 18 years and under. The juniors will be more focused to the younger generation. These statements were announced from the ASP Commissioner Office officially.

Grade 1 event "GoPro JUNIOR GAMES" will be consisted of the U-16 cadets along with the U-20 Pro Juniors.

The surfers were not blessed with waves at the men's 3 star event last week and some surfers from Hawaii and Australia are still here in Japan and will join the event to make a total of 48 for the men's.

The event will be composed by 2 classes of, U-20 Junior Men's and Junior Girls.

5 Men's (maximum 6) and 2 Women (maximum 3) will be invited to the WJC from ASP Japan Tour. Event venue Shida Point boasts its high quality surf to decide the invitees.

「GoPro JUNIOR GAMES」will be broadcasted via internet throughout the event:


「GoPro JUNIOR GAMES」 is proudly supported by the following sponsors:

・GoPro ・ASAHI SOFT DRINKS ・Namidensetsu ・G-SHOCK ・SYNDICATE ・Dove Wetsuits


・Ichinomiya Town ・Ichinomiya Surfing Union ・NSA East Chiba Branch

■For further info contact ASP Japan Office: 2-16-2 -501 Kugenuma Kaigan Fujisawa Kanagawa Tel:0466-30-2888 FAX: 0466-30-2889 Email:office@aspjapantour.com

- WSL / S.Yamamoto
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- WSL / S.Yamamoto
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