Episode 8: The Ultimate Surfers

For those remaining contestants, it's now or never, as at the end of this final episode, we're all about to find out exactly who the Ultimate Surfers really are ... [more]

Episode 7: Don't Poke The Bear

After last week's announcement that from this point forward, there are no longer teams and each surfer will be competing as an individual, the remaining six contestants are now the official semifinalists ... [more]

Episode 6: Will You Accept This Wave?

Last time on the Ultimate Surfer, the eight previously eliminated contestants all came back to the show for a chance to surf their way back into competition, and Kayla and Kai through their clutch performances earned another shot at the title of The Ultimate Surfer ... [more]

Episode 5: A Little Game Of This

With four rounds of eliminations complete, the six remaining contestants can now all fit around a single table in the Surf Ranch competitors area … and this is no time to break bread because as the competition is thinning out the stakes are only getting more intense ... [more]

Episode 4: Party Wave - Risk It For The Biscuit

With Alejandro and Tia rising to every challenge thrown at them, there are now two powerhouse teams at the Ranch, and this certainly grinds Zeke's gears. ... [more]

Episode 3: Nama - Stay Off My Barrel

Last week the two underdogs Tai and Alejando sent Luke and Anastasia packing, but it's straight into another Beach Battle -- no one is safe for long at The Ranch ... [more]

Episode 2: Caught Up In Chick Drama

After the elimination of Kayla Durden and Austin Clouse in the competition's first Surf Off, there are now 12 surfers left competing for three coveted Wild Cards onto the World Surf League's Championship Tour and $100,000 cash prize ... [more]

Episode 1: Welcome to the Surf Ranch

If you want to chase a dream, sometimes you have to take a backroad. And If you're a surfer, you'd think all roads lead to the ocean. But for the 14 competitors on ABC's "The Ultimate Surfer," it's a man-made, mechanical wave in the heart of central California's fertile farmland where they have a chance to make it happen ... [more]

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