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Highlights: Big Upsets, Huge Airs in France
The men put on an air show and a few big names among the women were eliminated as competition heads to the Quarters.

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Sunday at the Quiksilver Pro France and Roxy Pro France saw some incredible upsets, massive airs and solid waves continue to roll in Culs Nuls, Hossegor. Here's the overview of what happened in France:

WORLD TITLE WATCH: Carissa Moore (HAW) won her Round 3 heat, which gave her a direct jump to the Quarterfinals. The points boost has ensured that the women's World Title race will go down to the wire, with the winner to be decided at the next and final event of the season, the Target Maui Pro. If Moore wins her Quarterfinal heat, she'll overtake Jeep Leader Courtney Conlogue (USA) and steal back the No. 1 spot (and with it, the coveted yellow jersey).

Moore's Score that Sent Her to the Quarters
Carissa Moore pushed the World Title race to the final event of the year when she advanced directly into the Quarterfinals.

Conlogue dominated the majority of her heat until an excellent-range score from Coco Ho (HAW) dropped her to the bottom of the heat. Moore, on the other hand, took control of her heat with an 8.90 that would carry her directly into the Quarterfinals.

"It's crazy, balancing energies," Moore said. "I had such a fun time this morning in my warm up session and I didn't want to come in but I had to keep myself at a pretty even energy level. I didn't really know how Courtney's heat ended and I focused on myself and stayed in my own bubble. I'm happy to take the battle home to Maui."

De Souza's Opening Statement
Adriano de Souza opens his Round 4 account with a 9.57.

World No. 2 on the men's rankings Adriano de Souza (BRA) did his part in turning up the heat for the men's Title race. De Souza comboed his Round 4 opponents (in which they needed two new scores to catch up) with three waves that scored 8.00 points or better, the first of which -- and highest -- was a 9.57. Current Jeep Leader Mick Fanning (AUS) also won his Round 4 heat, earning the direct advance into the Quarterfinals, leaving only De Souza in reach of the yellow jersey.

MUST WATCH: Reigning World Champion Gabriel Medina (BRA) has also made it to the Quarterfinals, earning the direct advance in Round 4 with a stunning 10-point air. It was just one in a string of high-powered performances and high-scoring rides.

Medina's Perfect Air
The Brazilian Champ goes above the lip for a perfect 10 in Hossegor.

BONUS: After boosting a big air in Round 4, John John Florence (HAW) found himself slightly off balance. That, of course, didn't stop him from finding his way to his feet again.

JJF's Thriller of an Air
John John Florence defies physics, finding his way to his feet after nearly face-planting in the white water.

Gabriel Medina (BRA) vs. John John Florence (HAW) -- When action continues at the Quiksilver Pro France, expect an airshow -- and a serious showdown -- in Quarterfinal 4 when these two powerhouses go head-to-head. Plus, see what Florence recently said about the effect that Medina has had on him.

Tune in again Monday, October 12 at 8 a.m. local time on the WSL website, and on the go with the WSL app.

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