Fact: Damien Hobgood is one of the best ever surfers at Cloudbreak.

And If you have ever wanted a masterclass in stalling for large front-side barrels, this is as good as any you're likely to come across.

The former world number four has a well-deserved reputation for charging solid left-hand reefs, be they Teahupoo, a myriad of Indonesian destinations (think Greenbush in Joe G's seminal film Strange Rumblings in Shangri La) or, in this case, Cloudbreak.

It's obvious he's lost none of his desire or ability to shred and (more importantly) stall in the most solid, hollow surf, and this is hardly a surprise given Damien took out three top-tier events in big lefts: The Quiksilver Pro Fiji in 2004, the Globe Fiji Pro 2006 and the Billabong Pro Teahupoo in 2007.

In this snippet from the Salty Crew film Sink of Swim, a bunch of seafaring rebels headed to cloudbreak for the waves as much as the world-class fishing, and Damien displays his signature double-hand drag stalling technique.

Did he invent it? no. Is he one of the most-polished and precise implementers of this particular method of pumping the breaks? That's a definitive yes.

There are few surfers on the planet who can bury their arms in a slab of water to wash off speed like Damien Hobgood

Full Replay: Damien Hobgood wins Heritage Heat Teahupo'o
Congratulations to Damien Hobgood, winner of sibling bragging rights and the Heritage Heat at the Tahiti Pro pres. by Hurley.
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