This year has delivered several runs of all-time waves on the Gold Coast. The latest few sessions which went down over the weekend have even been described as the best Snapper in recent memory, with the sand just right. But all told, it's been a great few weeks of waves.

In fact, some have even said the sand currently clogging Rainbow Bay is as good as its ever been since the Superbank switched on 2001.

This has cemented South East Queensland as one of the best places to be a surfer in the covid-19 era -- with world-class waves like this on their doorstep, and with international surf travel off the cards, the locals are lucky indeed.

Here's just a few examples from social media showing how good it got at Snapper, for your envy-inducing viewing pleasure.

Legends such as Mick Fanning, Joel Parkinson and Dean Morrison were surfing as good as ever.

CT surfer Wade Carmichael has also been putting in some time out there and bagging some below sea-level drainers. And it looks like local legend Nick Vasicek lucked into one of the waves of the day on Saturday.

Let's hope the good fortune on the wave front continues for the Boost Mobile Pro Gold Coast, part of the WSL's Australian Grand Slam events set to be held at South Stradbroke island.

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