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With hardcore surf exploration into the deepest, darkest wave-rich corners of the world currently on ice, a crew of Rip Curl's team in Australia decided to embark on a 10-day walkabout through the Lucky Country. The result, "Postcards from Morgs" a new film that follows Championship Tour rookie Morgan Cibilic through this iteration of "The Search," a core tenant in Rip Curl's mission to define the uniqueness of surfing.

"Postcards from Morgs is a pretty straightforward Aussie road trip I reckon. It's Mick Fanning, Tyler Wright, Owen Wright, Matty McGillivray, Molly Picklum, and Mikey McDonagh surfing a bunch of East Coast points and beachies over a 10-day window." Cibilic explains.

"It makes me laugh that my first Search trip was just outside my front door, but I wouldn't change it for anything. I surfed with my all-time heroes," he continues. "I surfed as much as I possibly could. And I walked away knowing that this is where I'm meant to be. The Search is what you make it."

In their nearly two weeks on the road the crew was pleasantly greeted by solid winter conditions throughout the east coast of Australia. Each found their fair share of hollow barrels, wide open faces and wedgy air sections. Here are seven photos that will make you wish you were there:

Morgan Cibilic With his rookie run on the Championship Tour currently on hold because of the pandemic, Morgan Cibilic hit the road with the Rip Curl team for a special Australian edition of The Search. - WSL / Trent Mitchell Mick Fanning Rip Curl Search It wouldn't be a Rip Curl Search trip if Mick Fanning wasn't on the program. - WSL / Trent Mitchell Tyler Wright Rip Curl Search It was all smiles for Tyler Wright as she enjoyed some surfy days with friends on the road earlier this year. - WSL / Rip Curl Owen Wright Rip Curl Search Owen Wright was on hand to blow the tops off a few waves and demonstrate exactly what backside power surfing looks like. - WSL / Trent Mitchell
Mick Fanning Rip Curl Search Mick Fanning channelling his inner Michael Peterson as he styles through a crystal cylinder on Australia's East Coast. - WSL / Trent Mitchell Molly Picklum The youngster of the group, Molly Picklum fit right in thanks to her powerful, dynamic surfing. - WSL / Rip Curl Owen Wright Campfire It wouldn't be a legit Aussie road trip if the boys didn't spend some quality time around the campfire together. - WSL / Trent Mitchell
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