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It is not an understatement to say that John John Florence, brother Nathan Florence, and friends Albee Layer and Matt Meola have just released the most definitive, the most comprehensive study of the state of aerial surfing today. Actually, no other recent edits even come close, save perhaps Italo Ferreira's recent antics.

In their new seven-minute edit "Cloud Chase," released on Layer's Take Shelter Productions YouTube channel, the quartet focus pretty much 100-percent of their energies on punting into Maui's perfect air wind. Collectively, they've set the bar in terms of "what's next?" with this video.

Tweaked out frontside grabs, backside spins, full rotation 3's, lofty alley-oops, corked backflips, Albee even sticks a 540 at the end. It's almost like they wrote down a list of every sick skate-inspired trick in the book and went out threw them all down. Turning it up to eleven on some of Albee and Matt's favorite ramps, the four surfers bring the house down in their own unique ways.

John John's got the amplitude and effortless style. Nathan's got the power and gusto of a kid brother. The combination of spontaneity and creativity that Matt possesses, coupled with his give-no-fucks approach, makes him one of the most entertaining surfers on the planet. And Albee's relentlessness and drive are evident in every wave he rides and air he hucks.

John John, Matt and Albee have all struggled with some serious injuries over the last couple of years, and to see them at full strength in "Cloud Chase," and to see what they're capable of when they're all sessioning together and pushing one another, it's as progressive as surfing gets today. This is one of those edits that groms are going to study over and over and over, and there's no higher compliment than that.

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