This story was originally published by SURFER.

Longboarders are often criticized for not doing anything. Indeed, from the low, nearly subaqueous vantage point of the high-performance shortboarder bobbing in the lineup, frustrated by his or her inability to stroke into anything besides a set wave, all that stoic trimming probably seems deserving of ridicule.

The newest installment of "Stoke Wars", the delightfully offbeat series set at log-centric SanO proves its creator both self-aware and immensely imaginative. Playfully titled "Sprezzatura"-an Italian word for intentional nonchalance-the new episode features a handful of longboarders who just can't seem to stand still: Andy Nieblas, Tommy Witt, Karina Rozunko, Lola Mignot-all surfers who perform their own authentic dance with very little in the way of practiced indifference.

True to "Stoke Wars"-form, the fins-first takeoffs, stretch-fives, tail whips, etc. are interspersed with lots of stochastic cinematography and a Big Gulp's worth of surreality.

Click play to watch some longboarders do a lot of stuff.

This story was originally published by SURFER.

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