MEO, Turismo de Portugal, and WSL have come together for a campaign called Unwanted Shapes Covid19. It is a global, open call to shapers to create a surfboard made from Covid-19 waste.

Unwanted Shapes Open Call Introducing the Unwanted Shapes program, a design competition where the winning board will be ridden at the 2021 MEO Pro Portugal in Peniche. - WSL

An expert panel will pick a winner whose board will be ridden by elite surfers at the MEO Portugal Pro in 2021. Shapers from all over the planet have been submitting their entries at The competition remains open for new designs until February 12, 2021.

Just one of the many side effects of the measures taken to stop the spread of Covid-19 was the disposal of hundreds of millions of single-use masks, gloves, and alcohol gel packs. Much of this waste has ended up in our oceans, and this campaign hopes to raise awareness, and find solutions to the issue.

Timmy Patterson, Marcio "Sharp Eye" Zouvi, Christiaan Bradley, James "Chilli" Cheal, and Jon Pyzel, are the shapers that will cast their eyes over the submissions. The panel will be overseen by former Big Wave World Champion Peter Mel.

"I think that the most interesting shaping ideas often come from smaller, backyard-type shapers," said Jon Pyzel, the man who makes 2X World Champion John John Florence's boards.

"Ideally I want to see a board that actually looks, feels, and rides well, but given the challenging materials I am willing to be excited about almost anything that looks decent," Pyzel said.

Shapers have already stepped up to the challenge. California-based Earth Technologies, headed by shaper and designer Ry Harris, has created a surfboard made from recycled masks.

A Global Challenge For World's Best Shapers To Make A Board From COVID-19 Waste
Introducing the Unwanted Shapes program, a design competition where the winning board will be ridden at the 2021 MEO Portugal Pro in Peniche.

"My goal with entering the Unwanted Shapes contest is to prove we can get a more performance weight using our zero waste system and construction methods," said Harris.

"I'm hoping to see a range of technology that may come up with a feasible board that the professionals can ride," said Christiaan Bradley, the French-based Australian who shapes Italian CT star Leo Fioravanti's boards. "Hopefully, there's some forward-thinking shapers out there who can blow our minds."

"It's a unique challenge for shapers, but one that is so important to help raise awareness about a new global issue that affects all surfers and ocean lovers," said Peter Mel.

"We are inviting any shaper, of any background or location, to come up with a surfboard that uses Covid-19 waste as a key component. Not only will they help highlight this massive issue, but they can gain huge exposure when the best surfers on the planet ride the boards in Peniche at the MEO Pro Portugal in 2021"

For more information or to submit your entry head to

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