One of the most prestigious victories a competitive surfer can notch to their career, and life, goals occurs in one location: Banzai Pipeline. It is the ultimate proving ground that surfers can spend a lifetime trying to find success in and now, it's back on the Qualifying Series (QS) with the HIC Pipe Pro QS 1,000. And with this glorious return come the women's first opportunity at the wave since 2016 and some of the wave's standouts such as Moana Wong are more than ready for the opportunity.

The WSL caught up with the Pipeline charger ahead of facing off against some of the world's best women. Here's what she had to say:

WSL: What's going through your head knowing that you'll be competing at Pipe once more?
Wong: It's super exciting. I did this QS every time it ran and couldn't be more excited that it's back.

Moana Jones of Hawaii surfing a steep Pipeline wave durfing quarter final 2 of the 2018 Wahine Pipe Pro. Wong, after marrying Tehotu Wong earlier this year, has never shied away from waves of consequence. - WSL

How old were you the last time this event ran? Any particular memories that standout?
I think I was 17 the last time it went down. I've gotten runner-up multiple times and each time the waves weren't really barreling so hopefully this year it's pumping.

One of my fondest memories is getting runner-up to Bethany Hamilton.

What's your mindset going into a wave you know very well and have showcased what you're capable of, now for points?
My mindset is to try my hardest and take the win. I want to win really bad because I've never won this event before and I want to get those points for a shot at the final.

*Stay tuned for more from the HIC Pipe Pro QS 1,000 beginning December 8 - 20.

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