Shipstern Bluff, Tasmania June 16, 2016

Every now and again there's a wipeout that makes you cringe. There's just no way that you can watch it and feel anything good about it. The surfer wasn't particularly courageous, apart from the fact of being out at one of the most dangerous waves in the world on one of the biggest days of the year, but in this situation it's more of a case of a wave conspiring against a surfer, with disastrous results.

Shipstern Bluff doesn't give many chances or opportunities. She's nearly impossible to ride by most surfers, and those few who figure out how to ramp the boil and get to the bottom of the wave are the few who get recognized for riding with aplomb. The rest generally fall into the unofficial Horrendous Wipeout category.

Ever since Tracks Magazine featured Shippies, it has hosted so many incredible rides and so many terrible wipeouts. Danny Griffiths, from Hobart, Tasmania, tries his hardest to get down this face, a pretty difficult task: He is a goofyfooter, and there are a number of steps and stairs in front of him, barely covering those few dry sections of the reef.

When he finally comes to his senses and realizes that there is no way down, he does his best to get out of there. But he's too committed, too far on the wrong side of the surge. He then does his best to backpedal, but it's another ride down the mine shaft for this TAG Heuer Wipeout of the Year nominee.

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