- WSL / Tim Hain
- WSL / Tim Hain

The Krui Pro ran through 16 heats in near-perfect conditions for Day 1 of the QS3,000 rated men's event, while the women's QS1,000 competitors went searching the coastline for other quality surf spots as they had the day off. This is the first QS3,000 to be run in Indonesia and the solid International field revelled in the 150 meter long left-handers.

Billy Stairmand is from one of the most famous left handers in the world, New Zealand's Raglan, and stated today that these wave at the Krui Pro are some of the best he's ever had while wearing a WSL jersey. Stairmand scored two excellent rides in the 8-point-range and finished the day with the highest heat total.

Geariod McDaid Geariod McDaid burying his rail. - WSL / Tim Hain

"That was a dream heat!" Said Stairmand. "There was so many good waves, it was hard to not catch everything. I love lefts, I surf Raglan all the time so I felt super comfortable out there. I can't wait for my next heat."

Riley Laing from Australia's Central Coast was super impressive on his backhand, carving his way to an impressive win over a heat that was stacked full of talented Indonesians. Laing is sporting a freshly shaved head after he hit his head on the reef in the warm up session yesterday and required five stitches.

Riley Laing at the Krui Pro Riley Laing not letting five stitches slow him down - WSL / Tim S Hain

"I was worried about hitting the bottom again or splitting my stitches," Laing said. "So I had a slow start because I was thinking too much about it, after I got a couple of waves I felt better and was able to get a couple of scores. My head is feeling better and I am having a great trip so I can't complain at all right now."

Varun Tandjung, son of famous Balinese surfer Rizal Tandjung advanced in second position behind Laing. Tandjung admitted he wasn't surfing his best, but has gained some confidence by winning through over some much more experienced competitors.

"I didn't surf that great, but it's great to get through that Round," Tandjung said. "There was a lot of good waves, but it was hard to pick the best ones, the current was taking me up the point and out of position - hopefully I can have a better heat in the round."

Costa Rica's Anthony Fillingim locked in a pair of 7-point-rides to claim the second highest heat-total of the day with a dominant display of backhand surfing.

Krui Krui delivering again and again and again. - WSL / Tim Hain

The 2019 Krui Pro has six day window with excellent surf predicted on the forecast. You can watch all of the action LIVE via worldsurfleague.com or on the WSL App.

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