The world saw Mick Fanning fight off a Great White at the 2015 J-Bay Open. After witnessing this incident, it would be understandable if the three-time World Champion never wanted to see a shark again.

But instead of avoiding them, Fanning has teamed up with director Taylor Steele and National Geographic for a new two-part documentary, 'Save This Shark'.

Mick Fanning was knocked off his board during the attack and his leash was severed by the shark. He was unharmed. Mick Fanning - WSL

The program - shot in locations including the Gold Coast, Ballina, Port Lincoln, Miami and the Bahamas - will follow Fanning as he spends time with with four of the world's leading shark experts to gain a better understanding of the role these creatures play in the world's fragile marine environments.

Fanning calls it "a personal journey for me to reconnect with sharks in a more friendly manner," adding that, "sharks are magical, mystical animals and we don't know enough about what they do for the environment."

The documentary will air later in the year, and is the latest of many exciting ventures that Fanning has turned his hand to after he stepped away from the Championship Tour in 2018.

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