Western Australia surfer Laura Macaulay recently became the first woman to make a wave at The Right, one of the heaviest waves on the planet.

Laura, the sister of CT surfer Bronte Macaulay, was raised in Gracetown in Western Australia, putting her in close proximity to some of the most raw and rugged coastline Australia has to offer.

She was profiled by Australia's ABC News, and while she downplayed the significance of the achievement there's little doubt Macaulay is playing a leading role -- alongside the likes of former CT surfer Laura Enever who has also surfed The Right but didn't ride out of a wave -- of advancing women's big wave surfing.

"In terms of pushing the boundaries, I'm still so rookie so it doesn't feel like I am," she told The ABC. "There's so many guys who are so skilled out there ….I feel lucky to have the opportunity."

While there have been women charging waves of consequence for decades, the spotlight has been on this topic in recent months thanks to epic clips of athletes such as Vahine Fierro and Caroline Marks charging Teahupoo, and Enever's recent film Undone, which profiles her transition from CT surfer to professional big wave charger, where you can see her first rides at The Right.

Enever described that moment as, "the one time in the film where my mind totally got the better of me."

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