- WSL / Daniel Smorigo
- WSL / Daniel Smorigo

Pro-surfer-turned-shaper is a path we've seen before, but this year, being off tour has drawn some unexpected names to this well-worn road.

This idea goes right back past the likes of legend and short-board pioneer Bob McTavish, all the way forward to California's contemporary shred-shape lord Ryan Burch. But it's been a while since we saw a top level pro fine-tuning their own craft in the bay on a regular basis.

Which is why it's so cool to see Filipe Toledo, with the help of Sharpeye founder Marcio Zouvi and San Diego-based master Larry Mabile, testing his skills and whittling some foam.

Toledo has a well-documented penchant for twinnies -- having dropped several freesurf edits over the years sans center skeg.

And his first board pays homage to the fact that he, "loves drawing lines on twin fins." With his signature on the stringer line, this double bump fish looks sick.

Twins have been enjoying a renaissance of sorts in recent years, with proponents such as Australia's Asher Pacey mixing classic lines with a performance bent which illustrates the versatility, and enjoyability, of the design.

This has been helped along by some of the more well-known and trusted board-building brands releasing popular twin-fin models, such as Channel Islands, and Australia's DHD surfboards, to name just a few.

Will we see Filipe experimenting when we go back on Tour?

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