There's a long held belief that the North Shore goes flat during the summer months. But that's not entirely true. As evidence in Nathan Florence's latest YouTube drop, there have been some playful days around Rocky Point -- and Nate and brother John John have been taking advantage.

In a typical year, most surfers on the North Shore would be chasing other, more substantial swells to faraway corners of the globe, but with international travel on ice for the moment because of COVID, they're making the best of what's in front of them. The locally generated wind swell has been enough to give Nate, John John and friends to pop a few airs, capture a few clips and have some fun. And when the swell dies, it's time to bust out the foils and paddle boards.

Winter or summer, clearly the Florence boys know how to have a good time on the North Shore no matter what the surf is up to.

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