Bali is undeniably home to some of the greatest waves on the planet, but generally speaking, it's not where you go if you're looking for solitude.

Many of the more famous breaks are very crowded, and that's something that no doubt has frustrated local surfers who share their home with thousands upon thousands of lucky tourists each year.

But this year, Covid-19 has dashed almost everyone's travel plans. That's caused major challenges for economies across the world, and Bali, heavily reliant on tourism, hasn't been spared.

But for local surfers (and a few foreigners permanently based in Indonesia) it's meant scoring some of the best waves in the world with only a few other people in the water.

While most in Bali would rather things could get back to normal as soon as possible, it's been fun to enjoy waves like Uluwatu with crowds at the level they were decades ago.

In this Sessions clip from Red Bull, some legends of the sport in Indonesia, as well as some up-and-coming talents such as Bronson Meydi make the most of the empty waves.

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