- WSL / Federico Vanno

Day 2 was a massive day of competition, with the Men's Round of 96, Women's Round of 80, and three heats of the Men's Round of 64 completed.

It was an early start to the day with consistently good waves in the 3-5 foot range. With the swell having decreased overnight and the angle changing slightly, more waves were running along the reef to deliver increased wave quality with excellent scoring potential.

Riaru Ito was first to go in the excellent range, earning an 8.17 for a series of radical turns on an almost perfectly lined up wall. "It was so much fun and this wave is so good," said an elated Ito. "It's my first time to Krui, but the wave is similar to my home break so it was really great. Arigato, thank you very much, and terima kasih!"

Ben Lorentson Ben Lorentson - WSL / Tim Hain

Ben Lorentson from Sunny Coast posted the Round of 96's highest single wave score of 8.67 for a wide open gem that he decimated with a great display of power and a series of critical turns. His first score of 7.17 earned him the highest heat total of 15.84 to advance to the next round.

"That was so much fun, like it was really lining up along the reef the best since I've been here," said Lorentson. "It was good to get a set and get a good score. If you pick the wrong one it tends to go out to sea a bit, so I was lucky enough that one ran along the reef real nicely. When I got that 7 before the 8, I thought it was only going to be a 5 or something, so I undercooked myself a bit. Stoked to get that score and move into the next round. I set myself a goal to take it heat by heat, so hopefully in the end I'll find myself in the final."

Charli Hately Charli Hately - WSL / Tim Hain

When the Women's competition kicked off, the Gold Coast's Charli Hately wowed the judges with her ability to carve apart the long lefthander with powerful open face gouges.

"I had just caught a wave and then was paddling back out and I saw this set, and there was no one around, so I was like might as well go. So I did, got a couple turns, and that was it," Hately responded.

Kirra Pinkerton Kirra Pinkerton - WSL / Federico Vanno

Kirra Pinkerton, another first-timer in Krui, looked comfortable in the lineup to smash a couple of huge turns for an excellent 8.00 and book herself a spot in the next round. "I just wanted a bunch of waves to come, so I could get a taste of Krui, as I've always dreamed of coming here," said Pinkerton. "That wave was going really fast and when I did the turns I thought I was going to fall like ten times and when I kicked out I thought I blew it, but when I heard the score I was like, no way. I've got to watch the replay now!"

The sky darkened and rain clouds were threatening, but the real threat was Sky Brown who took off and started blasting her way down the line until she hit the final closeout section, earning the third excellent score of the women's competition.

"It's so perfect, getting out there and having the spot to myself with a few other people it's just so fun," remarked Brown with her characteristic smile. "Getting to ride the waves here in Indo, it's just paradise!" Brown advanced to the Round of 64 and will also be competing in the Pro Juniors.

The weather halted competition for a short break before three heats of the Men's Round of 64 were completed to wrap up the day.

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