- WSL / Robbie Hickam

Today, Zoe Benedetto and Kolohe Andino claimed victories at the World Surf League (WSL) Coastal Edge ECSC Pro produced by the Virginia Beach Jaycees, a Qualifying Series (QS) 1,000, at Virginia Beach's iconic 1st Street Jetty. Benedetto and Andino overpowered the tough, two-foot conditions to put their names alongside 61 years of East Coast Surfing Championships history and earned 1,000 points toward Challenger Series qualification. Important, runner-up finishes for Talia Swindal and Levi Slawson witnessed Swindal's maiden QS Final and a second runner-up result for Slawson.

Zoe Benedetto Victorious At Coast Edge ECSC Pro, Third-Career QS Win
With a win on both coasts already to her name, Zoe Benedetto earned her second win on the East Coast at Virginia Beach over an in-form Talia Swindal. Now, Benedetto looks to capitalize on repeating her 2019 win at the WRV Outer Banks Pro presented by Pacifico.

A slow start to the women's Final turned into a back-and-forth battle between Benedetto and Swindal. Swindal was able to respond to Benedetto's early 6.17 (out of a possible 10) with a 5.00 of her own, before a key exchange that earned her a 6.33 and the lead. However, Benedetto's formidable forehand pushed her right back into the lead heading into the back half of the Final. With no waves of consequence coming through, Benedetto held her lead all the way to the end, earning a third-career QS victory.

"It feels super nice [to win], this one definitely hits good," said Benedetto. "That Final was super fun and just wish we had more waves to surf, but Talia [Swindal] is one of my best friends so it was exciting to be back in the Final on the East Coast. That was my goal coming into this [East Coast leg] was to win both so one down, one to go. I'm happy right, I'm happy with my surfing and I'm looking forward to Outer Banks now."

Benedetto's run to the Final began with a dominant performance in the Semifinals over fellow Floridian Lanea Mons. The 18-year-old's forehand led to an impressive 13.17 heat total within the first 10 minutes of their battle, leaving Mons chasing an excellent 8.17. For Benedetto, this result moves her into No. 3 on the rankings as she looks to back herself up on the Challenger Series for 2024.

Kolohe Andino Triumphant In Return To Virginia Beach, Second Coastal ECSC Pro Title 12 Years Later
The 2011 event winner Kolohe Andino made his first trip back to Virginia Beach since worth the wait, earning another victory and kicking off the East Coast leg in brilliant form.

A clash between veteran and emerging talents unraveled in the men's Final between 2011 event victor, and former Championship Tour (CT) standout, Kolohe Andino and 2023 World Junior Championships runner-up Levi Slawson. Slawson's quick start earned him a slim advantage heading into the 20 minute mark, but Andino responded with an impressive air-reverse to garner a 7.17 and the lead. Andino then added to that with another 7.57, pushing Slawson's requirement to a near-perfect score. But, Slawson wasn't finished and earned an excellent 8.17 to give himself a chance heading into the final minutes.

A heat-changing exchange pushed Andino's lead slightly higher, earning a 7.20, to put the pressure back on Slawson who was left chasing a 6.60 when time expired.

"Life's a trip, I came here 12 years ago and it's the only time I had been here," said Andino. "I competed and I was just wee pup filled with confidence, and felt unstoppable. I ended up winning and I thought I'd never be back and that I'd retire on Tour. But, I had an interesting year on the CT and Challenger Series, dealing with a lot of ups and downs. I got a wild hair and just wanted to come hang with the groms, compete, and see Michael [Dunphy]. And to win it on the 20th anniversary of my dad winning, it's been a rad week."

Andino's charge to the Final started with an all-star clash featuring former event winner and Virginia Beach's own, Michael Dunphy, which lived up to the hype as the two traded off throughout their Semifinals. For Andino, this event caps off a brilliant run in Virginia Beach and is unbeaten at 1st Street Jetty after returning for the first time since his win in 2011.

Talia Swindal (USA) An incredible run for Talia Swindal (USA) ended with a career-best runner-up finish. - WSL / Andrew Nichols

A maiden QS Final for Talia Swindal pushes her into the Top 10 of the North America QS rankings after a career-defining event wrapped. The Malibu, California, competitor kicked off Finals Day with a commanding victory over fellow Californian Zoey Kaina. Now, Swindal looks to carry this momentum forward after readjusting her goals following a North America Pro Junior Regional title earlier this year.

"That was crazy and especially having one of my best friends in the Final, I was so stoked," said Swindal. "It's a big confidence boost. This event showed me that I can do this and I stayed calm all event. There were heats that I just knew I had to surf the way I surf and it would work out. So that felt good to just relax and open up on a few waves, and finally feel good at a QS event. I'm stoked for Outer Banks now and hopefully make it to another Final again and try to win that one."

Levi Slawson (USA) Encinitas, California, competitor Levi Slawson earned his way to a second-career QS Final. - WSL / Ed Obermeyer

2023 World Junior Championships runner-up Slawson surged through competition with standout performances and continued that form into his Semifinal against an in-form Tao Rodriguez. Slawson's excellent 8.00 separated the two in a stout battle as Slawson didn't give up his lead following that score, adding a 7.33, to earn his spot into the Final. The Encinitas, California, competitor now looks for his maiden win in coming days at the WRV Outer Banks Pro presented by Pacifico with more confidence.

"I was looking forward to surfing a Final against ‘Brother' knowing that he could possibly be doing the whole QS this year," said Slawson. "He was the guy to beat in this event and some people had me winning it so it was a good match up. That Final didn't go the way I wanted it to, but I'm proud of my surfing and obviously Kolohe's been on the Tour the last decade so that was a big moment for me. I have a few Finals on the QS level and I just want to crack that win, and we have Outer Banks this week so I'll try to do it there."

Michael Dunphy (USA) Michael Dunphy (USA) earned valuable Finals Day appearances as he looks to capitalize early in the season and defend his title in the Outer Banks August 30 - September 3. - WSL / Andrew Nichols
Notable Finishes for Mons, Kaina, Rodriguez, and Dunphy

Brilliant event runs from some of North America's rising talents, Zoey Kaina and Lanea Mons, earned them Semifinal appearances - a career-best for both. Kaina, 12, and Mons, 14, surged through competition with noteworthy performances throughout the opening rounds.

Also earning impressive Semifinal finishes, Tao Rodriguez and Michael Dunphy proved to be formidable opponents from start to finish. Rodriguez matched his career-best result as the emerging Panamanian looks to carry that momentum into the Outer Banks. Virginia Beach's own Dunphy nearly earned his way back into another Final in home waters before eventual winner Andino ended his dream run. Now, Dunphy prepares to defend his WRV Outer Banks Pro presented by Pacifico event title.

The WRV Outer Banks Pro presented by Pacifico will stream LIVE beginning August 30 - September 3 at Jennette's Pier, Nags Head, Outer Banks.

Finals Day Awaits, Competitors Look to Join East Coast Surfing History

Head-to-head duals determined the Finals Day draw at the World Surf League (WSL) Coastal Edge ECSC Pro produced by the Virginia Beach Jaycees, a Qualifying Series (QS) 1,000, in clean, two-to-three foot conditions providing moments of magic. Quarterfinal bouts unraveled with excellent showings, stunning victories from emerging competitors, and veterans holding their place firmly to set up Semifinal clashes.

Kolohe Andino Ups The Ante, Finals Day Ready At Coastal Edge ECSC Pro
The 2011 event winner Kolohe Andino is back into Finals Day at Virginia Beach after a dominant Quarterfinal showing and is set to take on fellow former event winner Michael Dunphy in the Semifinals.

An excellent showing from 2011 event winner Kolohe Andino garnered an 8.00 (out of a possible 10) and 14.50 (out of a possible 20) heat total over rising threat Ryan Huckabee. Andino's ability to generate speed and power in the smaller conditions left Huckabee needing a near-perfect score to take the lead as time expired. The former Championship Tour (CT) competitor looks for a second Coastal Edge ECSC Pro title, but first has to take on good friend and Virginia Beach's own, former event winner, Michael Dunphy.

"I'm stoked to make it through the first man-on-man and into Semifinals," said Andino. "It's been surprisingly good waves, everyday I wake up thinking it's going to be flat and it's still waist high so it's been epic. I'm excited to surf with one of my best friends Michael Dunphy and hopefully we can have some more fun tomorrow."

Tao Rodriguez Taps Into Form, Semifinals Bound At Coastal Edge ECSC Pro
The Panamanian competitor Tao Rodriguez looks to breakthrough to his first QS Final after overpowering his way through a stout Quarterfinal affair.

Tao Rodriguez found his rhythm in a dominate display over former event Finalist Tyler Gunter in their Quarterfinal dual. Rodriguez's hefty backhand attack garnered a near-excellent 7.50 and 13.85 heat total to match a career-best Semifinal result. Now, the Panamanian looks to breakthrough to his first-ever QS Final, but must overcome an in-form Levi Slawson (USA).

"It feels good to finally be making some heats, I've been feeling good throughout the event," said Rodriguez. "The waves are also really fun and I got momentum started so I'm just psyched for Finals Day. All I was looking to do was do better than I did last year when I lost first heat so I'm definitely doing that and this is my second Semifinal on the QS and I'm looking for my first Final."

Zoe Benedetto Eyes Down Virginia Beach Redemption, Coastal Edge ECSC Pro Semifinals Locked In
The 2022 Semifinalist Zoe Benedetto is back into Finals Day after a commanding Quarterfinal showing and now looks to go one better and find herself into another East Coast Final.

Florida's standout Zoe Benedettoremained in impressive form to earn back-to-back Semifinal appearances in Virginia Beach. The 18-year-old's formidable forehand and dangerous backhand attack took control of a Quarterfinal bout with Mia Moore. Now, Benedetto prepares to better her result from 2022 and break into another East Coast, QS Final.

"I feel like I've done pretty good here so far and I just want to push my surfing," said Benedetto. "I'm stoked with how consistent the waves are. I feel like there's always a little bit of pressure when you're surfing on your coast and I feel a little bit of responsibility to represent the East Coast. It feels good and I just want to win."

Zoey Kaina (USA) More shockwaves were sent through the event as Zoey Kaina (USA) continues her incredible surge. - WSL / Andrew Nichols

Another dominant display from 12-year-old Zoey Kaina left her opponent Reid Van Wagoner in need of near-perfection after accruing a 14.15 heat total. This marks Kaina's second QS event and the event threat continues to send shockwaves through Virginia Beach with her showcase of technique and building power.

"I'm very excited to make it into Finals Day," said Kaina. "My last heat was kind of inconsistent I just wanted to get some good waves so I'm happy to get those two scores. Especially on waves like this, I feel pretty confident to keep getting some good scores. To win this would mean everything to me, it's my second QS and it's my first time making it to Finals Day."

Reigning North America Pro Junior Champion Talia Swindal and Jacksonville Beach, Florida's own Lanea Mons earned clutch Quarterfinal wins to solidify their place into Finals Day.

Event organizers will convene at 8:30 a.m. EDT for a possible 8:00 a.m. EDT start to competition.

The Coastal Edge ECSC produced by Virginia Beach Jaycees will run on the best days of conditions beginning August 23 - 27.

Quarterfinalists Locked In, Finals Day Spots On The Line

A defining day of competition determined Quarterfinalists at the World Surf League (WSL) Coastal Edge ECSC Pro produced by the Virginia Beach Jaycees, a Qualifying Series (QS) 1,000, in clean, two-foot conditions pulsing into Virginia Beach's iconic 1st Street Jetty lineup. Clutch performances and dominant displays from both the men and women in their respective Round of 16 battles set up head-to-head duals heading into the weekend. Finals day spots are on the line moving forward and a chance to add their name to East Coast surfing history.

Hometown Hero Michael Dunphy Holds Firm For Quarterfinal Apperance At Coastal Edge ECSC Pro
Virginia Beach's own Michael Dunphy eyes down more success at home with another Quarterfinal appearance after his commanding, Round of 16 victory.

Former event winner and Virginia Beach's own, Michael Dunphy, put on a showcase of forehand and backhand attacks. Dunphy's experience in the lineup put him in the spot for a gem he took full advantage of, earning an impressive 7.33 (out of a possible 10). Now, the hometown hero looks to find his place atop the podium once again and keep the event title in Virginia Beach.

"It feels nice to make it back to the Quarterfinals and get into some man-on-man heats at the home break," said Dunphy. "There's so many memories surfing heats and everybody coming down over the last ten years. It's been a good run, but it's been a long time since winning and I've gotten some runner-up finishes but that's the goal is to win again."

Kolohe Andino (USA) 2011 event winner and one of the sport's more recognized names, Kolohe Andino (USA), looks unstoppable on his tear through Virginia Beach. - WSL / Dylan O'Donnell

Fellow former event winner, and former Championship Tour (CT) standout, Kolohe Andino delivered another world-class performance in smaller conditions. Andino's forehand attack remains undeniable at a break he hasn't returned to since his 2011 victory and now finds himself pushing the pace into the Quarterfinals. The San Clemente, competitor will be joined by Taro Watanabe after his last-minute heroics overtook an advancing position to eliminate an in-form Cole Alves and Wheeler Hasburgh.

"I'm stoked, I've made four heats which is more than I've made all year combined (laughs)," said Andino. "I'm happy to be on the East Coast and feel the froth, it's great. One of my strengths my whole career is I've never taken anyone lightly and always felt the same no matter who I was competing against. Whether it was Kelly [Slater] or someone up-and-coming like Wheeler Hasburgh, I always feel nervous and excited."

2022 Challenger Series contender, Levi Slawson, continues to surge through competition and continues to build upon a Virginia Beach-best result alongside fellow Matt Myers Surf Mentorship teammate Tyler Gunter as both head into the Quarterfinals.

Zoe Benedetto Bounces Back, Quarterfinal Bound At Coastal Edge ECSC Pro Produced By Virginia Beach Jaycees
The 2022 event Semifinalist and 2023 Challenger Series contender, Zoe Benedetto, earned an excellent 8.00 in her Round of 16 battle to return to the Quarterfinals at Virginia Beach.

Florida's standout Zoe Benedetto returned to form, finding an excellent 8.00 and 14.65 heat total in her Round of 16 bout. Benedetto's 2023 Challenger Series run earned her breakthrough result at the Wallex US Open of Surfing and now she brings that confidence back to the QS in commanding form, looking to better her Semifinal result here in 2022.

"That first heat I felt kind of nervous and thinking it's a QS 1,000, there shouldn't be any pressure, but that one I felt calm and pretty loose," said Benedetto. "I definitely came into these two events wanting to win both of them. It's a smaller contest this year, but I still have the same goal. Making heats on the Challenger Series is super hard and it feels nice to find my groove and rhythm."

Zoey Kaina (USA) 12-year-old Zoey Kaina put the field on notice with a near-excellent 7.90 and Quarterfinal spot. - WSL / Dylan O'Donnell

At age 12, Zoey Kaina surfed beyond her years to earn a brilliant 7.90 and a spot into the Quarterfinals. Kaina entered this event last year as a wildcard for her QS debut and first Coastal Edge ECSC Pro appearance, and now looks to gain experience in the jersey at a young age.

"Sometimes I get nervous, but most the time I'm excited to surf a heat," said Kaina. "It's super cool going against the girls who have been doing this for a long time and winning a heat. Just being here is a whole new experience and I'm having so much fun."

Also finding their way into the Quarterfinals with impressive wins, Jacksonville Beach, Florida's Lanea Mons and reigning North America Pro Junior Champion Talia Swindallook for more amid fellow event contenders.

Event organizers will convene at 7:30 a.m. EDT for a possible 8:00 a.m. EDT start to competition.

The Coastal Edge ECSC produced by Virginia Beach Jaycees will run on the best days of conditions beginning August 23 - 27.

Women Debut, Fields Narrow After Heavyweight Bouts Unfold

Impressive performances were on full display at the World Surf League (WSL) Coastal Edge ECSC Pro produced by the Virginia Beach Jaycees, a Qualifying Series (QS) 1,000, once more with the women making their debuts as both fields narrow to just 16 competitors, respectively. A slight drop in swell still provided, clean, two-foot conditions and competitors rose to the pressure with top seeds holding their ground over a surging field.

Sara Freyre's Flair Earns Excellence In Coastal Edge ECSC Pro Debut
The Huntington Beach, California, competitor, Sara Freyre's, first visit to Virginia Beach yielded an excellent 8.00 to revamp her 2023/2024 QS run.

In 2022, the women made history at this event with their first-ever QS competition running at Virginia Beach's 1st Street Jetty and return with more bravado in 2023.

This marks Sara Freyre's first time to Virginia Beach and the Huntington Beach, California, competitor wasted no time posting an excellent 8.00 (out of a possible 10). Freyre's formidable forehand timed each section brilliantly with multiple, impressive gauges all the way to the beach. The 16-year-old is fresh off a wildcard performance at the Vans US Open of Surfing and looks to bring that experience back to the QS.

"I had first priority and I saw that right, and just thought to myself I have to go on this," said Freyre. "It just kept giving me sections all the way to beach and I'm so stoked. I was super stoked to get the wildcard into the US Open and make some heats, and now come to the East Coast and put on another jersey. It's super fun traveling from coast-to-coast, finding waves, and having fun."

Lanea Mons (USA) At age 14, Lanea Mons (USA) is already becoming a force to be wary of on the QS and earned a debut heat win. - WSL / Andrew Nichols

The East Coast's Lanea Mons held firm for one of Day 2's best performances, accruing a 13.10 (out of a possible 20). Mons' versatile backhand delivered a 7.75 in the small conditions as she looks to match a career-best Quarterfinal result. The Jacksonville Beach, Florida, competitor utilize her time away from the jersey and now returns revitalized for competition.

"I'm super happy to be back in the jersey after I haven't surfed a heat in awhile," said Mons. "I just got back from a boat trip in Indonesia so definitely different waves, but I'm stoked to get the first heat done and the jitters out. It was good to have a break and think about all the other contests I've done and I've already been to these spots, so it's good to come back and figure the waves out even more and try to get a good result."

Also notching debut, Round of 32 victories, reigning North America Pro Junior Champion Talia Swindal, Lilie Kulber, Chelsea Roett, Noah Klapp, Vela Mattive, and Molly Tuschen are straight into the Round of 16 with plenty of momentum.

Veterans and Emerging Threats Clash, Round of 16 Locked In
Levi Slawson Steps Up In Smaller Conditions, Into Coastal Edge ECSC Pro Round Of 16
The 2023 World Junior Championships runner-up, Levi Slawson, looks to bring that bravado back to the QS and earned an impressive 7.75 in a stout Round of 32 match up.

A clash of Day 1 standouts featuring Levi Slawson and Tomas King provided a battle with Costa Rica's Tosh Talbot and Southern California's Brad Ettinger. Slawson's winning form wasn't to be denied, boasting a 7.75 on his backhand to take control of the heat. The Encinitas, California, competitor looks to build upon his World Junior Championships success and transition that to the QS, and beyond.

"All things considered it's breaking and I got one that rolled all the way through and that's what you look for," said Slawson. "Hopefully I'll surf tomorrow again and keep the momentum going. My headspace is good and I just need to go out and treat every heat like another surf. Me and Tyler [Gunter] are staying together, and Matt [Myers], my coach, is also working with guys who are qualifying for the CT right now and that's where I want to be over the next year or so."

Taro Watanabe (USA) Taro Watanabe's (USA) ability to capitalize on opportunity provided him a win in one of the event's most stacked heats. - WSL / Andrew Nichols

Sebastian Williamsput on the event's best performance so far in the Round of 64, earning a 15.00 heat total, before heading into one of the day's most anticipated heats. Williams took on Virginia Beach's own and former event winner, Michael Dunphy, 2021 WRV Outer Banks Pro winner Taro Watanabe, and 2023 Cabarete Pro runner-up Manuel Selman. Watanabe's style and power earned him an impressive 7.75, and the lead which he was able to hold until the final horn with Dunphy also advancing.

"It feels good, I had Kolohe [Andino] in my first heat and now just had Michael Dunphy, Manuel Selman, and Sebastian Williams who are all amazing surfers," said Watanabe. "There weren't many waves and I knew I just had to be on a good one, luckily I got that one wave and it helped set me up. It's pretty unpredictable here and it's a lot of luck, and I'm stoked I had the luck today."

Vital Round of 32 wins pushed former event winner, and former CT standout, Kolohe Andino, former event Finalist Tyler Gunter, Venezuela's Rafael Pereira, Southern California's Titus Santucci, and the East Coast's own Will Deane into the Round of 16.

Event organizers will convene at 7:30 a.m. EDT for a possible 8:00 a.m. EDT start to competition.

The Coastal Edge ECSC produced by Virginia Beach Jaycees will run on the best days of conditions beginning August 23 - 27.

Competitors Overpower Opening Day

Opening day of the World Surf League (WSL) Coastal Edge ECSC Pro produced by the Virginia Beach Jaycees, a Qualifying Series (QS) 1,000, provided a marathon of action in two-to-three foot wind swell at Virginia Beach's 1st Street Jetty. Men's Round of 96 and Round of 64, Heats 1 - 8, ran in their entirety with the first batch of top-seeded competitors making prominent debuts. Women's competition was called OFF for the day.

Kolohe Andino's Highly-Anticipated Return To The Coastal Edge ECSC Pro Yields Early Success
The 2011 event victor Kolohe Andino made his way back to the 1st Street Jetty lineup for the first time since his win 12 years ago and delivered a Round of 96, debut win to kickstart his run toward more East Coast history.

One of the sport's notables and former Championship Tour (CT) elite, Kolohe Andino, made a long-awaited return to Virginia Beach in commanding form. The 2011 event victor found his form early and continued to build on his score line until the horn sounded. Andino's competitive drive remains well intact as he looks to rejoin the world's best moving forward, and find his place atop the podium along the way.

"A couple years ago we did the East Coast tour for our Reckless Isolation movie and each play we went to I could see myself wanting to spend a month here, a month here, so I've always just loved the East Coast," said Andino. "It's got true surfing froth so it's great to be back. I was just a grom back in 2011, just 17 years old. I still feel the same. I still get nervous and excited to compete."

Tomas King (CRI) Tomas King (CRI) left Virginia Beach with an equal third-place finish and sets his goals higher for 2023/2024. - WSL / Andrew Nichols

Costa Rica's proven QS threat, Tomas King, brought his energy and focus back to Virginia Beach for a brilliant showing in his Round of 64 debut. King posted the day's best performance, including an excellent 8.25 (out of a possible 10) and 14.50 (out of a possible 20) heat total utilizing a combination of his forehand and backhand attack. The Costa Rican earned a Semifinal in 2022 and has ambitions set to go further, and build early success to capitalize on toward Challenger Series qualification.

"I've been working really hard the last couple years and I just missed out on the Challenger Series last year after having a bad run at the end of the season," said King. "I put too much pressure on myself after a good result here, and couldn't back it up, but that's in the past now. Now, I've learned a lot from my mistakes and work on everything else to go with it, but I love competing and looking forward to a big year."

Levi Slawson (USA) One of North America's standouts, Levi Slawson (USA), looks to find his form in 2023 and did just that in a brilliant debut. - WSL / Andrew Nichols

2023 World Junior Championships runner-up, Levi Slawson, narrowly missed the qualification line for the Challenger Series and is on a mission to rejoin the world's top contenders. The Encinitas, California, competitor posted an impressive 7.50 with his formidable approach to the smaller conditions. But, Slawson has his eyes set on more than just opening heat success.

"Anything after making that first heat and then anything after that is okay," said Slawson. "I'm stoked to be back in a jersey and just get back on track this year. I want to be in Finals Day for this event and Outer Banks, it's my goal is to get there and then try to finally win one of these QS events. I'm hoping we stay fortunate with this swell, I like this wind and I'm taking these events seriously. I've been watching the Challenger Series this year and a lot of the guys I compete against are close to qualifying, and I know my surfing's there so I want to show it."

Sebastian Williams (MEX) Sebastian Williams (MEX) made his long-awaited return to WSL competition well worth the wait with an impressive showing in the Round of 96. - WSL / Dylan O'Donnell

Sebastian Williams hasn't competed in a WSL event since 2019, but the Mexican standout stayed busy with ISA and Pan American competitions. Williams brought that confidence back to the QS, accruing the Round of 96's highest heat total of a 13.75 on his dominant forehand attack. The 23-year-old has a new mindset in his return and now looks to make strides toward that goal.

"I plan on doing as many competitions as I can after COVID hit and I had to stay at home, but it was really good to spend time there," said Williams. "I've been staying busy with events for the ISA, Pan American Games, and the Central American Games. But, I haven't done the QS since 2019 and I have this focus now that this is the first step to the CT. Before, I was using it to gain experience, but now I see the steps and that's where my head is at."

Also notching massive, Round of 64 wins, Tyler Gunter, Cannon Carr, Sam Reidy, Sage Guinaldo, Tao Rodriguez, and Rafael Pereira carry that momentum into the Round of 32. But, they await the likes of Round of 96 victors that include Cole Alves, Sebastian Mendes, Luke Wyler, Isauro Elizondo, Manuel Selman, and Remy Juboori.

Event organizers will convene at 7:30 a.m. EDT for a possible 8:00 a.m. EDT start to men's Round of 64, Heat 9.

The Coastal Edge ECSC produced by Virginia Beach Jaycees will run on the best days of conditions beginning August 23 - 27.

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