- WSL / Pedro Cruz

The surf world never stops spinning and over the month of August there was plenty to digest. From all the Big Wave Award winners to the slickest new edits and plenty of tour news we'd like to think we covered it all. Here's just some of the key quotes from surfing's main players.

"The litany of exposed, open beaches can sometimes become a dog's breakfast of swell and wind, but when the conditions come together there are well and truly world-class waves on offer in this part of the world." The WSL's Ben Collins on the location of the Tweed Coast Pro, a strike-mission style, broadcast-only event that is part of the charitable three event Australian Grand Slam series.

Steph Gilmore surfing Tweed Coast Pro Stephanie Gilmore surfing the Tweed Coast Pro. - WSL / Sean Radich

"The women that go to the beach are world-class athletes, impassioned activists, creative entrepreneurs and so much more. Today we celebrate women who are elevating the standard, empowering the movement and redefining what it means to be a woman in the water." Cayla Moore celebrates Women's surfing on Women's Equality Day.

"The carpark right on the edge of the harbor overlooking the break, in the shadow of village church, would be packed solid with travelers in their vans through surf season autumn surf season." Photographer Peter "Joli" Wilson talks through [Seven Classic Images From Mundaka](https://www.worldsurfleague.com/posts/455112/seven-classic-images-from-europes-best-left-mundaka ).

Mundaka Joli A snapshot of the Mundaka harbor. - Peter "Joli" Wilson

"It really gives you purpose and motivation for being a professional athlete. You're not just doing it for yourself, but for your family." Josh Kerr talks to the Inertia on how made parenthood and life on Tour look so good.

"Rozunko's creative streak is clearly an authentic one. And beyond her uninhibited imagination, "Angel Gone" proves Rozunko's surfing-an enviable balance of imaginative improv and stylish stoicism-remains distinctive." Surfer's Matthew B Shaw on San Clemente logger Karina Rozunko's latest drop.

Karina Rozunko (USA) will surf in Round 2, Heat 6 after placing second in Round 1, Heat 3 at the 2019 Noosa Longboard Festival, Noosa Heads, QLD, Australia. Karina Rozunko styling on the nose. - WSL / Jack Barripp

"It is with great sadness the Encinitas Lifesaving Association says goodbye to our friend and fellow lifeguard Blake Dresner. Blake was a talented waterman and skilled lifeguard whose kindness and positive energy elevated the ELA and improved our community." The ELA's tribute to lifeguard Blake Dresner who died in a surfing accident in Mexico.

"This is the latest in a long line of solid edits from the world champ, who seems to be keeping busier than just about anyone else during the Covid hiatus." The WSL thinks Italo Ferreira has caught more waves in two days than some surfers do in a year.

"The wave was probably the smoothest wave I've ever ridden at Nazaré, but I was in competition mode so I didn't even think or consider the size of it." Kai Lenny talks to the World Surf Weekly about that won him the men's cbdMD XXL Biggest Wave Award.

"You've got this big wave against the rocks and it's really raw and powerful and intense. And you feel like you are so tiny. The ocean is giant and the limit is yourself." Justine Dupont talks to Jen See on how she became one of the best big wave surfers in the world.

2020 cbdMD Women's XXL Biggest Wave Nominee: Justine Dupont at Nazaré, Portugal on February 11, 2020. Angle 3. Photo by Vitor Estrelinha. 2020 cbdMD Women's XXL Biggest Wave Nominee: Justine Dupont at Nazaré. - WSL / Vitor Estrelinha

"I don't think any of us are going out there to get recognition in any way, we just want to do it. Try to push ourselves and have fun with our friends." A modest Laura Macaulay talks to Lucy Small after being the first female to surf The Right in Western Australia.

"That award is going to take a place right up there next to my spear that I won at Teahupo'o." Adrian Buchan after winning the WSL PURE Award Winner For Outstanding Ocean Advocacy 2019.

WSL PURE Ace Buchan Tasmania Ace Buchan in a Tasmanian forest. - WSL / John Suhar

"Tanner Dane and Patrick have launched a new YouTube channel they're calling The Vibe Up. If you haven't subscribed, you should. Not just loosely cut together vlog fodder, they're doing interviews with friends and heroes that are genuine and interesting...as well as genuinely interesting." Jake Howard chats to Tanner Guduaskas about his latest project.

"I thought I just need bring people to come and do with it me. We have such a great spot and such incredible waves, I knew people would love the experience once they came." Matt Wilkinson talks to the WSL on his transition from CT star to Luxury Surf Camp owner.

Surfing Byron Bay Matt Wilkinson setting up for a pit off the takeoff. - WSL

"Sweet or savory? Meat eater or vegan? Brisa Hennessy or Ian Walsh? Choose your pick!" The surfers have new YouTube cooking shows, but which do you prefer?

"To go down and watch him shape and do his craft; to see how on point he was all the time, it goes to show that he's a legend of the game." Mick Fanning on Bob McTavish after the legendary shaper made a trademark singlefin "Bluebird" model which the 3X World Champion tested at perfect Lennox Head.

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