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The 2023 Krui Pro QS 5,000 and Pro Junior finished today with no shortage of dramatic moments. The 4-6 foot waves running down the Ujung Bocur point provided excellent albeit challenging conditions, with an onshore wind arriving right on time for the Finals. Morgan Cibilic and Anon Matsuoka won the Men's and Women's QS 5,000 and Bronson Meydi and Kana Nakashio claimed the Pro Junior titles.

The onshore changed the game, with the usual take-off spots no longer in play. It took some time for the competitors to figure out the lineup, and it was Morgan Cibilic who managed to get an excellent 8.00 and 6.83 for a total of 14.83 and take the win over fellow Australian Kyuss King in the 35-minute final.

Morgan Cibilic Morgan Cibilic - WSL / Tim Hain

"It was really tricky," admitted Cibilic. "The first wave of the set was so bumpy and flat so it wasn't worth going, but I didn't figure that out until after that first set. On my best wave, Kyuss let me go and it was bumpy at the start, but then it pocketed really nice, was steep and fluffy and perfect to hit. I didn't know what the score would be, I thought maybe a high 6 or 7, so I was really stoked when I heard it was an 8."

"This trip has been epic, as I was coming here with no expectations, so I think that's one of the reasons I did well. I just wanted to have fun, hang out with my mates, and get some real good waves, so I'm over the moon to get the win."

Anon Matsuoka Anon Matsuoka - WSL / Federico Vanno

In the Women's Final, Anon Matsuoka had just a few minutes to reset and refocus after coming off a runner-up finish in the Pro Juniors. It was an agonisingly narrow defeat, so to come back and win the QS 5,000 was vindication of her mental and physical strength as a competitor.

"This is such a big win for me, because it's a QS5000 event, and so important for me to to go the next Challenger Series. I'm so happy and so excited to get this win," said Matsuoka.

"My mental situation was like, oh no, I can't catch any waves, I was so nervous. I really felt a lot of pressure and tired, but I just had to change my mind and keep looking for a good wave. During the first 20 minutes I couldn't catch any, so I thought maybe I'm going to lose this final also. I was lucky that a set came, so I could get three really good turns and get the score I needed."

The 2023 Krui Pro Junior Winners, Bronson Meydi and Kana Nakashio The 2023 Krui Pro Junior Winners - WSL / tim hain

The Men's Pro Junior final was always going to be a tough one. Bronson Meydi and Westen Hirst, who grew up surfing together in Lakey Peak, Sumbawa, I Made Ariyana from Bali and Monnojo Yahagi had all been delivering amazing performances throughout the event, but it was Meydi who came out on top.

Bronson Meydi Bronson Meydi - WSL / Tim Hain

"It feels great, I had a great final out there with Westen. He was ripping, but I'm stoked to get the win," said Meydi. "This is my biggest win so far, and I hope it gets better. It was a tough final, especially because I'm on my backside and Westen is a goofy-footer and super good. It was a bit tricky, but the other guys kept going on the fast waves, so I managed to get a couple of the slower ones and get some turns in to get the scores. Monnojo was such a big threat also, as he's been ripping all event long, so I'm sure he could have won if he didn't fall on his waves"

Kana Nakashio Kana Nakashio - WSL / Federico Vanno

The Pro Junior Women's division had a last minute surprise winner in Kana Nakashio, who saved her best for last and came from behind to best Anon Matsuoka. Mastuoka had held the lead for all but the last few minutes when Nakashio posted a 7.50 , the highest scoring wave of the heat, then nailed a 5.40 to seal her victory. It was a big surprise to both competitors, who admitted with the strong wind they couldn't hear the scores until they were back on the beach..

"This was a very important contest for me, as I want to win the World Pro Juniors, so I'm really happy to win here at Krui," said Nakashio. "To win over Anon was very difficult, as she is such a good surfer, so I'm very excited and happy right now."

The event closed with a special traditional ceremony where the winners were awarded their trophies and this concludes the first QS and Pro Junior event of the season for the APAC Region.

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