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UJUNG BOCUR, Krui, South Sumatra / Indonesia (Monday, May 27, 2024) - The World Surf League (WSL) Qualifying Series (QS) will return to Indonesia this week for the 2024 Krui Pro QS 5000 and Pro Junior Events. The event will be the first opportunity for up-and-comers to compete for QS points as they look to book a spot on the 2025 WSL Challenger Series.

"WSL is excited to be returning to Sumatra, Indonesia, for the Krui Pro once again," said WSL APAC Tour Manager Ty Sorati. "Ujung Bocur is one of the best left-handers in the world, making this event one of the most attractive on our annual calendar. There is a lot of swell on the way, which will make for an exciting week of competition."

A solid swell is forecasted for the event window meaning there will be no shortage of waves on offer at one of the most perfect left-handers on the WSL schedule. The forecast and waves have also attracted a few icons of the sport who will pull on the jersey to wind back the clock and test themselves against the next generation of Championship Tour (CT) Hopefuls. Josh Kerr (AUS) and Nathan Hedge (AUS) will headline as former CT competitors but will need to be on their game if they're to overcome the youngsters.

Along with former CT competitors and a swag of internationals from New Zealand, Australia, Japan, The Philippines, China, and India, the event will shine a light on some of Indonesia's most exciting prospects, including young up-and-comers like last year's Pro Junior winner Bronson Meydi (INA), but also the seasoned QS veterans such as Dede Suryana (INA), Mega Artana (INA) and previous Krui Pro champion Oney Anwar (INA), who overcame fellow Indonesian CT competitor Rio Waida (INA) in an all-out battle for the win in 2018.

"I still remember that final really well,' said Oney. "Rio and I travelled and competed a lot together in those days, and we had a lot of fun, but it was definitely serious. Luckily, I found the waves I wanted and took the win, and then we both celebrated back on the beach at the end. I have so many memories of this place from all the events really, and I really love this wave. When you go deep and get that medium-sized runner about 3-to-4 feet that just hugs the reef on your backside, you can go upside down, top to bottom, so many turns, it's awesome. Those medium ones feel like my home break of Lakey Peak, so I feel really in tune here, and I'm so happy to be back."

This is the sixth Krui Pro event here at Ujung Bocor, which started out as a QS 1000 event back in 2017, was upgraded to a QS 1500, and then, in 2019, to a QS 3000. Finally, in 2022, it stepped up to a QS 5000, as well as adding a Pro Junior to the schedule. PSOI's Secretary General Tipi Jabrik is justifiably proud of the growth and success of the Krui Pro and is grateful for the support and commitment of Regent Agus Istiqlal, who has championed the event since 2016.

"On behalf of the PSOI (Indonesian Surf Federation), I'm very thankful for the great support by the Pesisir Barat government for the Krui Pro, as they have consistently funded this event and showcased their beautiful area and wave destination to the world. I hope that this regional government here will always make sure to have surfing as their number 1 tourism focus," said Jabrik. "It's such a positive example and support for Indonesian surfing, as you can now see surfers from all over Indonesia coming here to Krui to compete in this event and to meet surfers from other countries as well."

The swell forecast calls for significantly large surf tomorrow at Ujung Bocur, so a backup competition venue has been prepared at Krui Lefts, about 30 minutes away in the town of Krui. Competitors will be notified early tomorrow morning.

The 2024 Krui Pro QS 5000 and Pro Junior events will run at Ujung Bocur, South Sumatra, from May 28 to June 4.

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