A new Asher Pacey edit is always cause for celebration, and when it's B-Roll from one of the most hotly-anticipated films in years, all the better.

This footage has been released by the Snapt-4 crew, and considering the film contains only never-before-seen footage (i.e. this is what was left on the cutting room floor...) it's set to be worth the wait.

In this clip, Asher rides six different Album twin-fin models, which all look like they work like a charm.

This is certain: There are few better combinations in surfing than Asher Pacey, a lined-up sand bottom point, and a finely-sculpted twin-fin.

He puts these craft through their paces like nobody else, blending critical maneuvers with the style and timeless flow which has seen twin-fin designs enjoy a renaissance of sorts in recent years.

As previously explored, Pacey just gets better and better, so enjoy four minutes of the best surfing you're likely to see today.

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