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We host events all over the world, and we've seen firsthand the impact our footsteps have. From trudging over dunes, to sunscreen bleaching reefs, wherever we travel, humans can leave their mark. But there are steps we can all take to make sure no one is picking up after us. To create a positive impact, the WSL supports local communities through the WSL PURE grant program and commits critical funds to local projects and non-profits that are working to safeguard our coasts and protect these incredible surf ecosystems through restoration, water quality, and conservation efforts. Join in by committing to the actions below to help protect our shared coastline.

  • Picking up trash
  • Avoiding walking over dunes and stepping on beachgrass (why: beachgrass helps keep our dunes in place)
  • Wearing reef-safe sunblock
  • Avoiding stepping on or touching coral reefs
  • Respecting the local ecosystem by always staying on pathways (why: following local rules and signage protects sensitive habitats)
  • Donating to organizations on the ground working to make a positive impact
Crowd gathering for sunset at Keramas 2018 © Sloane Spectators gathering for a beautiful sunset at Keramas - WSL / Ed Sloane

In order to protect our one shared ocean, we need to safeguard its surrounding land. Conserving coastal areas protects diverse habitats, home to many endangered species, and other natural resources. Not only does preservation benefit our marine life and ecosystems, but it also has measurable advantages for our coastal communities--protecting them against powerful storms and filtering pollution from runoff.

WSL crowd gathered at Peniche 2018 © Masurel WSL events have a positive economic impact and support community building on local levels. - WSL / Laurent Masurel

Healthy coastal habitats are safer to surf in, contain more abundant wildlife, and help build stronger local economies. There are steps we can all take to make sure no one is picking up after us. Lets come together to make positive changes on an individual level, and collectively, we can build strong coastal communities that promote responsible tourism, conserve sensitive habitat, and support local economies.

Fans gathering on the bluff of Uluwatu © Sloane Fans gathering on the bluff of Uluwatu - WSL / Ed Sloane

Further your impact and support our partners who are doing amazing work to improve our coastlines.

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